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For animals that currently need homes,
go to: http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?action=1&pet.Shelterid=CA270

  The Story of Happy Duck "HD"
It's not just dogs and cats that need rescue. HD was a young domesticated duck who was left at a cemetery pond. The ducks at this pond were fed daily, but he was small, and lacked the skill to fend for food. A kind woman noticed this little guy starving. So, she took him home and nursed him back to good health. At that time she was also raising a young Doberman named Sheera. The two youths became best pals and are now almost inseparable. Sheera and HD can sometimes been seen on walks together in West LA wearing their favorite Jezebelle styles!
  PIT PUPS Found in the Trash
Sad, but true......We received a call from a woman who had been taking her trash out when she found four puppies. They were in a box that had been tossed into the dumpster. We were mortified! They were staved half to death, but these little angles still found strength to wag their tails. They were taken to the emergency clinic, and put on IV fluids. Sadly, two pups passed away in the night. The other two pups pulled through, and we named them Charlie Brown and HT (Holy Terror). They stayed with us until they were healthy, and we found them both wonderful loving homes.
  Millie (a.k.a. Granny Gran Gran)
Millie's owner had passed away, and a family member was left to care for her. They had left her in the back yard with no food and water until Animal Control picked her up. She lived at the shelter for over two months, which is a very long time because they can be put down after five days. We rescued her, and took her home. She became our office mascot for nine months. A kind woman was looking for an older dog, and she adopted Millie. She now is happily retired in a cozy home with three cats, two dogs, and a loving new owner.
A big dog at the city shelter has a slim chance of being adopted. Big Red's chances were even slimmer with his deformed leg and large size, not to mention the competition with all of the puppies. He proudly sat in his cage at the pound, and no one came. I took him out, and he put his deformed leg on my shoulder. And, that was it! He hung out with us at the Golddigger office-testing our fluffy dog beds for comfort, and sporting the latest Jezebelle styles. Red was adopted this year to a family in San Diego where he falls asleep each night with two children.


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