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  Bette Davis
Fifteen year old Bette Davis was abandoned in the isolation clinic of an Animal shelter in Downey, CA.  Maybe her owners left her because she is partially blind and has difficulty walking due to neglect.  Rescuer and Golddiggers employee, Jon Cohen rescued her and is rehabilitating Bette at his home. Senior dogs are all often overlooked at the shelters.  But, they still make great pets.  Bette is in search of loving home to care for her last few years.  For more information on her incredible story, including how to adopt Bette Davis,visit http://savedogs.typepad.com
A victim of a hit and run was scooped off the street by animal control, and taken immediately to a vet.  The vet was directed to euthanize her due to multiple fractures in front shoulders and legs.  The vet contacted Sparky & the Gang’s Judy Crozier, the filmmaker of Free to a Good Home and a Golddiggers employee.  Judy raised $3000 for Penny’s surgeries. Penny is currently being fostered by Judy, and is looking for that perfect forever home.  For info seewww.freetoagoodhomemovie.com
Golddiggers attended the Save-A-Sweetheart event located at the South  Central Shelter in Los Angeles. We were there to give away our Jezebelle’s and Bandanas(donated by Dog American Style) for the adopted pets that day.  While we were there to donate, we intercepted two unweaned pug puppies that would have been euthanized.Sherri passed by a very overcrowded cage, when a sad dog caught her attention.  She knew he was extremely sick, and that they would tag him for euthanasia.  He was taken home by Sherri and had a very long recovery due to upper respiratory problems. Barney was one of the best dogs rescued this year!  Everyone in the   office loved to see him on a daily basis.  We were all very happy and a little sad when he was adopted.  He now lives in Pasadena, CA with a nice young couple.
Was dumped at a ‘high kill’ shelter.  He was an older dog who was matted, dirty and had a large cyst on his lung.  But, Golddiggers came to the rescue!  Today T-Cruz and his best buddy, Teddy(who we rescued from anothershelter) have been adopted by Lori.  She was looking to adopt an older dog.  She is a nurse, and wanted to care for these two little angles.  Lori loves her boys so much that she frequents the small doggie park on a weekly basis.  A happy ending for 2 senior K-9’s!


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